TRC Africa Humanitarian Aid, Period Covered: 2016

from Turkish Red Crescent Society
Published on 31 Dec 2016

The TRC has always seen the importance in providing humanitarian relief for African countries, with its host national societies lacking the capacity to procure the needs of its vulnerable population amid man-made and natural disasters like; droughts and civil war leading to hunger & malnutrition.
As these countries look for ways for sustainable development, the TRC acknowledges that lack of nutrition is the root cause for holding countries back, as persons essentially need energy to function or achieve in terms of education and livelihoods.
The TRC has responded to requests for food procurements in the countries below.


On request for immediate humanitarian needs, the TRC made sure 5,849 Food parcels were distributed to the town of Diass and its Surroundıng Vıllages, Senegal Child Protection Agency and the Disabilities Association of Senegal costing 151,670.00 USD.


6,333 Food parcels have been distributed to the most vulnerable suffering from hunger & malnutrition in 90 areas, reaching approximately 40,000 beneficiaries and costing 368,500.00 USD.


On 20.06.2016, 2,200 food parcels were procured from local resources to persons with need identified by the needs assessments. 2000 of the 2,200 food parcels were distributed in Kobitei camp. The remaining 200 food parcels were distributed to the Encemine region on 23.06.2016. Also, In Encemine, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) along with the TRC organized dinner for 500 people.

In July, the TRC made sure 11,281 Food parcels were delivered in the Gaoui Camp & Surroundings, Mariago Region, N’Djamena Central, Mani Region and Hadjer Lamis. Approximately 60,000 beneficiaries were reached and the total expenditure for the activity amounted to 262,823 USD. In addition, with the cooperation of Doctors World Wide, 12,758.62 USD worth of food parcels were distributed reaching 17.484 beneficiaries in Moyen chari/Sido and Moyan chari/Maro.


In cooperation with Doctors World Wide, 8,998 Food parcels were distributed to Pate,
Shanga, Bori, Mtangawanda, Siyu, Faza, Chundwa, Nyabogi, Mbwajumali, Kizingitin,
Ndau, Kiwayu, Kiunga, Mkokoni, Ishakani, Amu, Mapenya, Mkunumbi, Ndambwe,
Kiongwe, Koreni, Hindi, Pandanguo, Witu, Kitumbini, Kipini, Kilelengwani Orma,
Kilelengwani Pokomo, Zam Zam, Didewarede, Chalaluma, Bulto, TTS Orphan, Moa,
Ramisi, Wasini Island, Gazi, Vuga. Approximately 30,000 beneficiaries were reached.