Trócaire delivers food to 150,000 in Niger

Trócaire is funding vital work in the country of Niger, where severe food shortages have left millions facing hunger.

The organisation has raised over €320,000 through its Niger and Africa Emergency Appeal, and is providing assistance to those affected by the crisis.

According to the Government of Niger, 106 zones in the country are experiencing near famine conditions. Losses of livestock coupled with high costs of cereals have only exacerbated the situation for millions.

Households in the affected areas are cutting back from three meals a day to just one, and many people have resorted to eating leaves and grass in order to survive. This has led to a deterioration in nutritional health and an increase in illness, especially among women and children.

Trócaire has made an initial allocation of €100,000 to Catholic Relief Services (CRS), its local partner in Niger. The organisation is delivering food to the badly affected areas of Dongondoutchi, Tanou and Ouallam. A total of 28,000 households will receive much-needed parcels of cereals, beans and vegetable oil, which will last for up to month.

Of the 800,000 malnourished children at risk in Niger 7,000 will benefit from the provision of therapeutic feeding.

Trócaire and its partners are closely monitoring the situation in Niger and will continue to provide assistance to those affected by the crisis.