Qatar Charity Praised by the Abdou Moumouni University as They Work Together to Improve Food Security and Fight Poverty

Qatar Charity’s efforts to improve food security and fight against poverty in Niger have been praised in a letter from Professor Adam Todo, the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture at Abdou Moumouni University.

Professor Todo's letter referred to research carried out by students sponsored by Qatar Charity whose research looked into issues related to food security enhancement and poverty eradication in Niger. He also expressed the desire of the faculty to continue this collaboration, saying that the results speak for themselves.

“The research presented by the students was presented with a high degree of objectivity and accuracy and came about as a direct result of the facilities and care provided to them by the university and Qatar Charity,” Todo said.

“The results clearly showed the value of the solutions provided by Qatar Charity to tackle poverty and the problems of food security in rural areas,” Todo continued. Todo praised the research conducted by the students in the College of Agriculture and Farming in order to obtain their degree, which he said was facilitated by Qatar Charity.

The students studied Qatar Charity interventions in the agriculture sector in Niger in order to understand and evaluate the impact of the interventions. The students completed the research in the following topics: ‘Analysis of Qatar Charity’s Development Approach - Experience of Ishiganotokane villages in Fellnja’; ‘The Practice of irrigational farming as a source for food security’; ‘The conditions of women cooperatives working with Qatar Charity in the Popoa area’; ‘The role of women's associations in development: the case of associations working with Qatar Charity in the Popoa’; ‘The contribution of livestock rearing in enhancing the economic status of women: the case of Qatar Charity’s financial support to the cooperatives in the villages of Babusaa , Kori and Chowdawa’ and ‘Analysis of NGOs contributions to food security: the case of Qatar Charity’s interventions in the villages of Datiqi and Sorkorootolo’.

Qatar Charity has recently completed a number of projects in Niger, including the delivery of more than thirty homes to the families of people whose homes were destroyed during the floods in several areas of the capital, Niamey. Prior to the housing project, projects valued at nearly 1.4 million Qatari Riyals were carried out for the benefit of 100,000 small farmers and their families in the Tawa region.

Qatar Charity has been working in partnership with the people of Niger for more than twenty years and formally established its presence there in 2007.

26 May 2014