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Niger: Population Flow Monitoring Dashboard #5 (November 2017)


IOM works with national and local authorities in order to gain better understanding of population movements throughout West and Central Africa. Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) allow IOM to quantify and qualify migration flows, trends, and routes, at entry, transit or exit points (such as border crossing posts, bus stations, rest areas, police checkpoints and reception centers).

As of February 2016, IOM Niger has been carrying out flow monitoring of migrants at two points in Niger in the region of Agadez. This flow monitoring does not replace border monitoring nor does it claim to observe all migratory flows in the Agadez region. Flow monitoring points (FMPs) are active in Séguédine and Arlit, two towns in the Agadez region. FMPs are placed at known migrant transit points along the Niger migratory route. The data collected provides a snapshot of migrant movements through the region.