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Niger Ministers praise QCs efforts to help underprivileged students and their families

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State ministers of Niger have praised a Qatar Charity project to help underprivileged students and their families.

The assistance included over 17 tons of rice and 1,250 liters of oil which was distributed to 250 students at a Niger preparatory school.

The ‘School Food Distribution’ project aims to help reduce high school drop-out rates due to difficult living conditions.

Many of the students are from the countryside but attend school in the city, meaning that they must find accommodation in the city, leading to a drop-out rate of 57% last year in the area targeted by the project; the city of Semari.

The project is expected to enable the students to complete the school year.

The Minister of National Education and Literacy in Niger thanked QC for this important support, adding that due to prevailing food insecurity in the region this project, complementing the efforts of the government was crucial.

“I take this opportunity on behalf of my ministry and the government of Niger to express our gratitude for the constant efforts of your association to the people of Niger in general and the education sector in particular,” the Minister said.

“Qatar Charity has participated in providing substantial support to improve school enrollment of children in disadvantaged areas in our country,” said the Minister of State for Planning and Development of Niger.

“This initiative fits perfectly with the Niger Government’s economic and social development program for 2011-2015 and with the guidelines of the program of uplifting Niger,” he added.

The minister said that it encouraged the repetition of such initiatives.

“Given all of the above, and the constant willingness of Qatar Charity to support those in need in Niger, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Qatar Charity on behalf of the parents of the beneficiaries and my government,” he concluded.

QC implemented over 2,500 projects in different areas of Niger in 2012, benefiting around 280,000 people, at a cost of around QAR 7.5 million.

The projects covered various aspects of life in Niger, including construction and development, income-generating and seasonal projects, as well as sponsorship and other relief.