Niger: Meningitis Epidemic Outbreak (MDRNE017) Emergency Plan of Action Final Report

Situation Report
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Explanation of variances

Information and Public Relations: CHF 25,000 allocated The DREF for the sensitization through caravans in areas difficult to access during the implementation we realised that only CHF 13,405 were used. Therefore, CHF 11,595 remains unspent to be returned.

Travel: During the preparation of this DREF request, the number of affected population was fast increasing, there was already 04 regions affected out of 08 and three others were in alert. The National Society (NS) did not have a specialized epidemiologist. Therefore, the request was made for technical assistance from the Regional Health Unit through the deployment of an RDRT specialized in Epidemic control and for a technician who will assist the RDRT with the training of volunteers for at least 10 days. The plan included the training of volunteers by the technical assistant in 02 regions while the RDRT member would train volunteers in the 02 other affected regions. The DREF operation provided funds for the mission of the technical assistance staff.

The technical assistance staff could not make it and the NS hired a Medical Doctor for internship to fill the gap. Hence the fund allocated for the mission of the technical assistance was not used. During the preparation of this DREF, Amanda McClelland indicated the need for sending a consultant to Niger as part of the Meningitis operation to look at the role of CBS, but also to review how it worked in RVF and see what kind of preparedness was needed and she suggested to use the DREF to finance the mission in Niger. The mission was budgeted but the indicated consultant did not travel, once again the fund allocated was not used, leading to the return of CHF 7,010.

International Staff: Initially the RDRT deployment was budgeted for 2 months but due to need of operation, the mission was extended by 1 week. Therefore, is a deficit in the budget line for housing as the residence was rented for over 2 months.