Niger food crisis - Update 2

News and Press Release
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Emergency food aid reaches over 100,000 people in desperate need.

We have expanded our emergency response in Niger's Tillabery region, and are distributing more emergency food supplies to families affected by the famine. More than one hundred thousand vulnerable people will benefit.

Several trucks left Niger's capital Niamey for Tillabery, carrying hundreds of sacks of rice on Thursday, 28th July. Distribution out to villagers began on Friday. Almost 15,000 families are getting 100 KGs of rice each; reaching a total population of almost 102,000.

We worked to identify the neediest areas with the National Committee set up to combat the famine. The work forms part of a national effort to keep children and their families from starvation until the annual harvest in October.

Villagers in the Tillabery region have been forced to eat leaves from trees and are eating grains usually reserved only for animals. Down to their last meagre supplies, families have spoken about their need to feed their children.

Currently some areas of the country are facing a 100 per cent cereal deficit, brought on by a poor rainy season and a massive locust invasion early this year. The food shortage is reported to be growing everyday. Due to the nature of the crisis, authorisation has been given to suppliers to import rice from Asia.

For further information on the situation in Niger please contact: or Telephone + 227 724 444 Fax + 227 724 491.

For international media enquiries please contact Telephone + 44 1483 755 155 Fax + 44 1483 756 505

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