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Niger: Flow Monitoring Report #54 (December 2021)



In order to better understand migratory movements and trends in West and Central Africa, IOM, through the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), implements a population-level flow monitoring activity known as flow monitoring (FM).

Flow monitoring, which is implemented in close collaboration with authorities and national and local partners, is made up of two tools: the flow monitoring registry (FMR), which collects key data on the size, origin, destination and forms of mobility flows, and individual surveys (flow monitoring survey, FMS), conducted among travellers in order to obtain information on the profiles, migratory routes and intentions of migrants. The monitoring of population flows thus collects data on migratory flows and trends, the profiles of travellers and the journeys and intentions of migrants in order to provide a better understanding of mobility in West and Central Africa.

In Niger, DTM collects data at seven flow monitoring points (FMPs) in order to identify areas with high cross-border and intra-regional mobility and collect data on mobility trends, profiles and the journey of travellers in the country.

This report presents the data obtained through the flow monitoring activities in December 2021 at seven FMPs placed in Niger.

For more information on the flow monitoring methodology, please see the last page of this report.