Niger: Drought - Early Action Protocol summary (EAP number EAP2021NE02)


EAP approved July 2021
EAP number EAP2021NE02
Population to be assisted 28,000 people
Budget: 349,989 Swiss francs
EAP timeframe 5 Years
Early action timeframe 2 Months

The IFRC Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) has approved a total allocation of CHF 350,000 from its Forecast based Action (FbA) mechanism for the Niger Red Cross Society. The approved amount consists of an immediate allocation of CHF 27,228 for readiness and pre-positioning and CHF 322,761 automatically allocated to implement early actions once the defined triggers are met.

The FbA by the DREF is a Forecast-based Financing funding mechanism managed by the DREF. Allocations for the FbA by the DREF are made from a separate financial component of the DREF (MDR00004) and do not affect the reserves of the DREF appeal code MDR00001. Unearmarked contributions to the FbA by the DREF are encouraged to guarantee enough funding is available for the Early Action Protocols being developed.