Niger: Drought - EAP Activation Notification - Operation n° MDRNE026


Early Action Protocol activation

General Overview:

The Red Cross Society of Niger (RCSN) has activated its Early Action Protocol for Drought.

The March meeting of the Regional System for the Prevention and Management of Food Crises (PREGEC) validated the final results of the Food, Nutrition and Pastoral Situation for Food Security and Livelihood Cadre Harmonisé on the current and projected situation (June-August 2022, corresponding to the lean season) in the Sahel and West Africa.

For Niger, in comparison with October 2021 Cadre Harmonisé data, it was highlighted:

  • a drastic drop in agricultural production following poor rainfall (-37% at national level);

  • an alarming nutritional situation, exceeding WHO emergency thresholds, with almost 43.5% of children under 5 years suffering from chronic malnutrition and 12.5% from acute malnutrition.

  • a significant fodder deficit in all regions (15 million tons of Matière sèche (MS) Dry Matter (DM) with consequent difficulties in transhumance.

  • a deterioration of the security situation in localities under a state of emergency, which is causing population displacements and further deteriorating their food security and their agricultural and pastoral livelihoods in the regions of Diffa, Tillabéri, Tahoua and Maradi, also affecting the provision of basic social services (schools, health centres and markets (that are closed) );

  • an abnormal increase in food prices on the markets, 40% higher in comparison to the last five-year average;

  • a seasonal agro-hydro-climatic forecasts for the 2022 rainy season characterized by an average to deficient rainfall totals, a late start of the rainy season, long dry spells and below average river flows.

As a result, as per March 2022 Joint Analysis data:

  • between 2.5 and 3.3 million of people are currently food insecure (phase 3-5, Integrated Food Security Phase Classification – IPC)

  • between 3,6 and 4.4 million of people will be in food insecure during the period June – August 2022 (phase 3-5 IPC)