The Niger crisis - WFP operational update 01 Aug 2005

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Distributions are starting this week in the areas of Niger most affected by the food crisis. Concern will distribute food rations and High Energy Biscuits on Monday in Tahoua, and local NGO PDR/ADM will distribute High Energy Biscuits in nearby Keita. (HEBs are also being distributed by Islamic Relief in Tillaberi and by Goal in Fillingué). MSF Switzerland is currently distributing WFP food rations to mothers of malnourished children in Zinder. Other partners are International Federation of Red Cross (Zinder, Maradi, Tahoua), Save the Children UK (Maradi), Association des Musulmans d'Afrique (AMA) (Maradi, Tahoua), French Red Cross, Action Contre la Faim. The list is growing every day.

WFP is distributing more than 4220 tonnes of food to NGO partners. The food aid is either already in the hands of WFP's non-governmental partners or en route to distribution sites.

Funding: no change: to date, WFP's emergency operation in Niger has received US$ 11.5 million, just over 70 percent of the US$16 million now required.


Families (comprising seven people) will receive a food basket of 100kg of cereals, 15 Kg of pulses and 5 kg of vegetable oil. This ration is intended to last for one month. That's roughly the equivalent of 2 cups of corn or rice, 5 tablespoons of beans or lentils plus 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil per person, per day. It costs about 30 cents per daily ration, including transport, management and monitoring.


A WFP logistics officer has arrived in Lomé, Togo, to coordinate WFP operations at the port.

The Norwegian Red Cross (NORCROSS) is providing a self-sufficient trucking fleet and mobile workshop for use by the humanitarian community in Niger; NORCROSS has asked WFP to coordinate usage of the fleet. Meanwhile, WFP has been discussing the arrival of 20 trucks to be airlifted by NORCROSS; a first shipment of 10 trucks is scheduled for 4 August and a second 10 trucks for 6 August. An additional 50 trucks will be shipped by NORCROSS and should arrive at the port of Cotonou, Bénin on 18 August.

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