Niger / cholera epidemic outbreak 2021 Emergency Plan of Action (EPoA) DREF Operation n° MDRNE025

Situation Report
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Description of the disaster

During a press conference held on 9 August 2021, the Minister of Public Health of Niger officially declared the Cholera epidemic outbreak in the country. As of 16 August 2021, Niger recorded 845 confirmed cases with 35 deaths. Initially located in two regions of the country, (Zinder and Maradi) and National Society’s response was being supported through the regular IFRC’s Country Support Platform (CSP) project with the Global Taskforce on Cholera Control (GTFCC).

Unfortunately, the epidemic spread rapidly and by 24 August 2021, the number of confirmed cases had increased to 1,904 with 70 deaths (4% lethality rate). In addition, the scope of the outbreak spread significantly, from two regions to six regions by 24 August, including Maradi, Zinder, Tahoua, Dosso,
Niamey and Tillabery. A total of 23 Health districts in these regions have so far reported cases out of which 18 are already managing confirmed cases. Below is a summary presentation of data as of 24 August.

According to the situation report published by the Ministry of Public Health on 24 august 2021, the female patients are the most affected with 1,022 confirmed cases and 29 deaths versus males 882 cases and 41 deaths.

Since week 26, cases of diarrhoea and vomiting were recorded by the Mirriah District Hospital coming from Hountoua (Nigeria) and then at the Tanout District Hospital coming from the locality of Gamaram Sofoa on 5 July 2021. On 14 July 2021 cases were registered in Magaria District Hospital, bordering Nigeria, coming from Dan Koublé village, in the Maidamussa health area, then on 16 July 2021 cases were registered in Alberkaram Integrated Health Centre (Health District of Damaram Takaya) in the region of Zinder.

The confirmation of cholera was done by the National Reference Laboratory (CERMES) which identified Vibrio cholerae 01 Ogawa for all cases recorded between 13 July and 26 July 2021 in Magaria and Damagaram Takaya in the region of Zinder as well as those registered on 06 August in the region of Maradi. As of August 6, 2021, 213 cases were registered leading to 13 deaths.