Niger: CAP Funding Snapshot (as of 13 November 2013)

from UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
Published on 13 Nov 2013

With 74 per cent of the 355 million requested through the 2013 Global Appeal for Niger secured by November 13 2013, one can relatively describe it as one of the best covered Global Appeals this year. However, the fact remains that the level of funding in certain sectors does not allow humanitarian actors to respond as planned within the framework of the appeal. Five of the ten sectors, including Education, Water, hygiene and sanitation, protection, early recovery and health have not yet reached 50% of the funding requested - three of them are even below a third of their requests.
Of the $ 262 million raised, the Central Fund (CERF) has granted $ 14.3 million for underfunded emergencies and for rapid response to emergencies.
Nearly 90% of the total funding has been mobilized by the agencies of the UN system working in partnership with NGOs.

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