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Muslim Hands relief efforts in Niger and Mali

This is Niger's worst food crisis since 1984 and children are now dying every day in south Niger.Much of the country lies in the Sahara desert and has suffered severe drought over the past years. More recently locust have attacked what little vegetation was left. Starving livestock, on which people in this region depend on, are now dying in large numbers. Niger's neighbour Mali has also suffered severe drought and locust invasions.
The Niger government says that at least 3.5 million people are suffering from food shortages and 150,000 children are severely malnourished in the regions of Tahoua, Maradi and Zinder.

Experienced Emergency Response Teams from Muslim Hands Sudan (Darfur) and Muslim Hands Gambia are working with local partners to establish feeding centres in southern Niger and Mali and to immediately drill water boreholes.

Muslim Hands has already allocated =A3100,000 to the crisis and funding of food distribution began this week, but much more is needed. Please donate generously.

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