Muslim Hands Niger emergency programme

Muslim Hands Emergency Response and Needs Assessment Teams have arrived in Niger.

Distribution of vital food aid began on Tuesday in three areas:

- Koara-Tegui area, near the capital Niamey, has a large number of affected people.

- Tahaoua Province, around 600 Km North-East of Niamey. The famine in Tahaoua Province is more desperate than in the Koara-Tegui area.

- Maradi Province, around 600 km from Niamey the Capital towards the East seems to have been the worst hit area.

The Muslim Hands team are currently running three warehouses in Niamey, Tahoua and Maradi for storage, packing and distribution of food aid.

We have reports that the worst affected states in Niger are Tahaoua, Maradi, Fillingy, Zinder, Diffa and Ngigimi.

"Although there has been some rainfall already, the current famine situation will not improve until the crops are harvested in January 2006. With Millions already suffering from severe malnutrition it is imperative that aid distribution is carried out without delay". (Ismail Abdallah - Co-ordinator MH Emergency Response Team Niger)

Muslim Hands has already allocated =A3100,000 to the crisis but much more is needed. Please donate generously.

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