More aid flights to Niger

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A flight, leaving from Nottingham East Midlands Airport in the UK at 1800 hrs, will be a 30 tonne consignment of essential supplies, including specialist food for malnourished children under five, for the emergency response operation (details below).

The Band Aid Trust has donated £200,000 towards the cost of this flight and its contents.

The flight contains:

- 4x large tents (for therapeutic feeding centres)

- 20MT of BP 5 ex Compact Foods (specialist food ready to eat directly or to prepare as porridge for children under the age of 2)

- 40 Water Filters & candles (to provide potable water for feeding centres)

- 2x Fridges, 20x Electrolux Vaccine Carriers (to transport vaccines safely as part of cold chain system)

- 1x Emergency Health Kit (contains medicine and medical equipment for the feeding centres)

- 2,990 x Sachets Rehydrating Salts (for rapid rehydration of severely malnourished children)

- 500x Impregnated Mosquito Nets (for prevention of malaria)

- 1x Rapid Malaria Test Kit

- 50,000 Vitamin A tablets (vital supplement for malnourished children, pregnant and lactating mothers)

- 5,000x Folic Acid (promoting health of pregnant women)

- 40,000 ID Bands/Bracelets (for child registration)

- 500 MUAC bands (used to assess nutritional status of children)

Save the Children's emergency operation has begun with the provision of a supplementary food ration to all children in our area of operation, including the therapeutic feeding supplement, UNIMIX and cooking oil which is mixed together to form a porridge-like meal. In addition we will provide specialist therapeutic feeding (including sachets of a peanut paste called Plumpynut) to 3,400 severely malnourished children. Finally a general food ration of cereals, pulses and oil will be provided to all families with a malnourished child (providing food for 20,000 families throughout the next 2 months). The programme is running in 28 sites in Agiue and Tessaoua.

A further flight containing two Land Cruisers plus parts is leaving from Malaga in Spain on Friday morning and will arrive before the aid shipment. The vehicles will be used to transport personnel and equipment in the areas where we are working.

The public response to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) appeal for funds to help in this emergency means that these efforts can continue, saving more children's lives in Niger .


For more information please contact:

Save the Children's Media Unit
Office hours 020 7012 6841
Out of office hours 07831 650 409
Email address:
Nottingham East Midlands Airport media team Ryan Martinez 01332 852890/2901

Notes to Editors

- A second aid flight will take vehicles to ensure we are able to reach remote areas.

- To donate to the DEC Niger Crisis Appeal online at or telephone 0870 60 60 900

- The Disasters Emergency Committee is made up of the UK's leading international development and relief charities. Those involved in the Niger Crisis Appeal are: ActionAid, British Red Cross, Care International UK, Christian Aid, Concern, Islamic Relief, Oxfam, Save the Children, Tearfund and World Vision.

- Save the Children fights for children in the UK and around the World who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice and violence. Working with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face.

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