Mali situation: Niger - Update - February 2014 Food / Nutrition

from Government of Niger, UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 25 Feb 2014 View Original


Since the arrival of Malian refugees, early 2012, WFP and UNHCR in Niger have established general food distributions. In August 2012, a nutritional survey of children under 5 years was conducted by UNHCR,
WFP, UNICEF and partners to determine the prevalence of malnutrition in the camps. The results of this evaluation showed rates of 18.9% of GAM and 4.7% of SAM. In addition, it was observed that the ration of Super Cereal Plus (CS B++) distributed to children under 5 years in the blanket feeding was shared by the whole family. For lack of fuel for cooking, refugees were also selling part of their rations to pay for firewood, and condiments.
To meet these challenges, UNHCR and its partners decided to implement a wet feeding program, i.e prepared rations /porridges of CSB++, on camps to ensure that the diet is consumed by the child. UNHCR has also launched the Energy Project gas distribution to prevent the resale of a part of the family diet.