Libya sends relief supplies to Niger

Libya has launched an air bridge to deliver urgent relief supplies to Niger to help alleviate the impact of the draught disaster there.

A Libyan cargo plane carrying 30 tons of food and medicine arrived early Friday morning in Niamey International Airport in Niger, where it was received by the representative of President of Niger, Minister of Population and Social Work, Zilla Boukari, the Director of the PM Office, Chairman of the relief committee, Ari Mala, a number of senior officials, and the Secretary of the Libyan People's Bureau to Niger.

The Minister of the Population and Social Work in Niger expressed her country's thanks and appreciation to the Leader of the Revolution and the Libyan people for the humanitarian aid offered and still being offered by Libya to the brotherly people of Niger especially in this plight due to harsh climate conditions.

" The people of Niger thank the Libyan people for the assistance that embodies the strong relations between both brotherly countries", she said.

The Secretariat of the General People's Committee has decided in its 18th ordinary meeting for 2005, held Wednesday, to offer urgent aid to help reduce the sufferings of the brotherly people of Niger.