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How it feels to be going back to school?

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In Niger, support from the Government of Canada has been pivotal to ensure children’s safe return to school.

Being back to school is always full of emotions. Thousands of Nigerien children returned to school, many excited to be reunited with their classmates after months of break due to the new coronavirus.

“My school was closed because of the coronavirus a few months ago. I was too scared because it is a disease that has killed a lot of people.”

Soraya, 11

Soraya, an 11-year-old student in Year 5, is excited to see her friends again after a long unexpected break. On her first day, she was surprised to see that the rules in her school had changed. She had to maintain a one-meter distance between her friends and had to wash her hands and use hand sanitisers in front of her classroom. The new rules were not just for the students, but for staff and teachers as well.

“I am so happy to meet again my friends, my teacher and all my classmates.”

In Niger, support from the Government of Canada, The Global Partnership for Education and Education Cannot Wait, has been pivotal to ensure children’s safe return to school.

UNICEF has been working alongside education authorities, national artists and communities to support the school reopening.

More than 18,000 handwashing kits, with soap, have been procured for 3,400 primary and lower secondary schools with UNICEF support.

UNICEF has supported the ministries of Primary and Secondary Education to develop COVID-19 guides for the teachers, which include guidance on how to integrate COVID-19 related topics into lesson plans.