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Food security and humanitarian implications in West Africa and the Sahel, November 2011

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Key points

Sahel alert: Crop assessments report localized but significant declines in crop production in parts of the Sahel. Along with rising food prices, this situation jeopardizes most vulnerable households’ access to food, and therefore their nutritional status.

Millions of people at risk of food insecurity in the Sahel

The regional meeting on the agriculture and food security outlook in West Africa and the Sahel (PREGEC), held in Cotonou (from 24 to 26 November), assessed the 2011 agropastoral season as follows: the 2011/2012 crop production in West Africa and the Sahel is estimated at 55,451,000 tons. This production increased by 4% compared to the 5-yearaverage and decreased by 8% compared to last year. For CILSS member countries , cereal production is estimated at 16,613,000 tons—a level comparable to the 5-year–average but 25% below the 2010 production.