Food crisis in northern Niger

Implications of the food crisis

A critical food shortage in northern Niger has left many children vulnerable to malnourishment and disease. Plan has already responded to immediate needs in many affected communities. The challenge ahead is to lay the foundations for sustainable development in this insecure environment.

Low rainfall and locust invasions have meant this year's cereal production is down more than 80%.

Below are some of the issues we're helping with:

42% of children under 3 malnourished:

We're providing food aid and working with schools to ensure children get essential nutrition.

Lack of drinkable water:

We funded boreholes to provide safe drinking water.

35% drop in school attendance due to families leaving the area:

Many families have gone to cities or neighbouring countries. This affects the stability of the region and the outlook for sustainable development.

Whilst providing immediate aid, we're looking ahead to find ways to build a brighter future for the long term, in these challenging and ever-changing circumstances. In partnership with local people, our job is to get everyone working together to find long-term ways to enable children to grow up healthy and secure.