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Food begins to reach starving people of Niger and Mali

Islamic Relief is one of the first aid agencies to reach the people of Nigerand Northern Maliwith emergency food. Over 100 tonnes have already been distributed and further projects are underway to prevent an estimated 5 million people from starving to death.
According to the UN, around 150,000 children will die soon if aid does not reach them in time. This crisis was widely predicted after a season of poor rains and massive locust invasions, but until now there has been little response from the international community.

Islamic Relief has allocated an initial 1.4 million Euros to help alleviate the crisis and is working with other NGOs who have donated over 1.2 million Euros. The emergency food distributions have reached thousands of families in Nigerand Northern Maliwho are on the brink of starvation.

Feeding centres are being set up and will be fully operational from next Monday to help severely malnourished patients. Islamic Relief is providing medical aid through hospitals, feeding centres and mobile teams of nutritional health specialists. Islamic Relief is also preparing a blanket feeding programme in association with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) that will give a month's supply of essential food items to people in all of the critically affected areas.

Islamic Relief aims toreach over 1,000,000peoplein Niger and Mali with emergency food aid, nutrition and healthcare. IR also plans to work with the World Food Programme and UNICEF to provide emergency food relief. IRis working in Tillaberi, Ouallam, Filingue and Tera in Niger, and in the Ghourma Rharous area of Mali.

Aflak Suleman Islamic Relief UK (can be contacted on 07711823876) has been in Nigerfor the last 4 weeks and has set up an office in the capital. As he said "I cannot convey the poverty and pain that my eyes are witnessing. Please get more help faster."

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