Famine in Niger, millions at risk

Over 2.5 million people - including more than one million children - in the West African nation of Niger are suffering from severe hunger and could die of starvation soon.
You can act immediately to ensure lives are saved.

According to the World Food Programme, over 20% of Niger's population is afflicted by life-threatening malnutrition. This crisis comes as a result of swarming locusts and extreme droughts that have decimated farms and brought agricultural production to a standstill.

The United Nations has made several appeals to fund an emergency response to the Niger famine, but those appeals have largely gone unanswered. Unless something is done immediately, thousands of people will starve in the coming days.

Mercy Corps is working closely with its colleague agencies to determine how we and our supporters can best contribute to the relief effort. We are accepting donations for the response now and are in the process of determining next steps to address the crisis.

Mercy Corps has years of experience in Africa, and is currently operating innovative programs in six African countries: Eritrea, Ethiopia, Liberia, Somalia, Sudan and Zimbabwe.

Millions of people throughout Niger, stricken by devastating famine, need your help now. Please give today to save lives.