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Escaping the hunger cycle - pathways to resilience in the Sahel


Executive summary

This report is a detailed analysis of changes in policies and programs in the Sahel since 2005. It assesses to what extent lessons of the 2005 food crisis were applied during the crisis of 2010.
Commissioned by the Sahel Working Group as a follow up to an earlier study Beyond Any Drought, the initial central question guiding this study was what lessons have been learned since 2005 about what has to change in the Sahel, so that every drought does not result in a new humanitarian crisis? Beyond Any Drought assessed the root causes of chronic vulnerability in the Sahel. The focus of this follow up study is to determine how aid can be more effectively reduce vulnerability in the Sahel. What can be learned from recent experience to guide decision making and improve the effectiveness of aid to prevent future food crises? The study draws from a review of literature, reports and documents, and interviews with over 70 people. Extensive fi eld visits were carried out in the areas of Niger and Chad most affected by the 2010 crisis.