Emergency in Niger 22 Jul 2005

News and Press Release
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GOAL's experienced emergency team in Niger are responding to the urgent health and nutrition needs of the affected poulation. More than 3.6 million people are facing severe food shortages and GOAL's food and medical programme will include targeting the 150,000 severely malnourished children who are at immediate risk. The west african state of Niger is the second poorest country in the world where one in four children under the age of five die each year from chronic poverty and this catastrophe will only serve to exacerbate an already devastating situation.

Press Release:

GOAL has called on the Irish Government to exert maximum pressure on the international community to ensure that massive quantities of food are rushed to Niger.

In a statement John O'Shea, GOAL's CEO, said: "This is all about urgency. If the food doesn't flow now we are looking at another preventable famine. There can be no excuses. Major governments must accept responsibility and not pass the buck to the United Nations and other agencies. Ireland can and should let our friends at the top table know of our deep concern."

Close to four million people are in danger of dying from starvation due to a locust plague followed by a serious drought which has destroyed crops throughout this impoverished country, the second poorest on the planet.

GOAL is also appealing for experienced doctors, midwives, nurses and project managers, especially those with a knowledge of French to contact them on +353-1-2809779.