Drought and food crisis in Niger

Updated - 07/05


The food crisis facing the West African nation of Niger has reached critical proportions. Last year's poor rains and swarms of locusts decimated many of the crops and killed much of the livestock that the nation's subsistence farmers depend upon for survival, and the harvest did not yield sufficient food to get the nation through the lean months of the spring and summer. This food crisis affects about 3.5 million people. Some hungry villagers have even been scavenging ant-hills, hoping to find grains of cereal left behind by the insects.

Governments and aid agencies are responding with emergency food supplies, but more is needed. Lutheran World Relief is accepting donations for immediate food aid, and for projects looking toward the medium and long term to help make villages less vulnerable to food insecurity and drought in the future.


Lutheran World Relief and our partners in Niger are seeking $300,000 initially to support our relief efforts in Niger . Additional funding will be used to expand the reach of our programs to even more people. Currently, we are:

- Distributing 146 tons of food to 8,500 households in the worst-affected areas

- Distributing 6 tons of seeds for both immediate consumption and future plantings. Seeds for planting will be returned upon harvest, with interest, and placed in seed banks for future use.

- Improving access to water and management of community water resources

- Training farmers in improved planting techniques, soil conservation and improvement, thereby minimizing erosion


LWR is requesting public contributions to help Niger 's most vulnerable people. Your support will help provide immediate relief and prevent future suffering. The best way to assist people caught in an emergency is to give cash so that our partner staff on the ground can be most effective.

Your gift will be used for the "West Africa Drought Response/Food Crisis" until needs there are met. After that, further gifts will be used to help LWR respond where the need is greatest.

You may also call 1-800-LWR-LWR-2, or mail a check or money order to:

Lutheran World Relief - West Africa Drought Response/Food Crisis
P.O. Box 17061
Baltimore, MD 21298-9832

Please also consider making an unrestricted donation which will enable LWR to respond quickly to the next emergency.

Thank You for your help.

MEDIA CONTACT: Emily Sollie, 410-230-2802,