Diffa Operations Update, Niger: July 2017

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 31 Jul 2017 View Original

Security Context

  • On the 2nd of July, a group of suspected insurgents attacked the village of N’Gelewa, around 10km from Kablewa, where they murdered 9 men, and kidnapped 37 people (24 women and 13 children).

  • A total of 12 other incidents were reported throughout the month including: 5 arrests of suspected members of the insurgent group and the robbery of 2million naira from a trader.

  • The 6 other incidents were carried out by suspected members of the insurgent group, including the murder of 5 people and the burning of houses in Dagaya, the robbery of a herd of 200 livestock and the murder of a herder in Nuigmi, the torture and robbery of the population of the village on Ngarwa on the 21st of July, and the kidnapping of a Nigerian refugee who was later released for ransom in Elhadji Mainari. In addition to these incident, firearms were discovered in the commune of Maine Soroa.

  • Due to this climate of insecurity, on the 18th of July, the FDS carried out a widespread security operation to secure public spaces including the bus station and the market. Almost 300 people were arrested due to a lack of identity documentation.

  • However the FDS themselves also pose a risk in terms of collateral damage. It is reported that 14 people were accidentally killed in June, while two more were accidentally killed by missiles on the 25th of July.

  • This resurgence of criminal acts hinders the re-establishment of income generating activities in the region.