Nicaragua - Floods OCHA Situation Report No. 2

Situation Report
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Nicaragua - Floods
OCHA - Geneva Situation Report No.2
4 October 1999

1. Heavy rains continue falling in the provinces along the Pacific coast. Since 3 October, rains have begun also in the provinces along the Atlantic coast.

2. Eleven provinces have been affected. According to the latest figures issued by the National Civil Defense, eleven people have lost their lives, 7,105 people have taken refuge in 18 public shelters and 10,000 families are isolated because of damage to roads and bridges.

3. Lake Managua has now reached a level of 41.95 metres (0.15 metres below the maximum level recorded during the impact of hurricane Mitch).

National response

4. At a meeting held on 3 October by the National Emergency Comittee, the President of Nicaragua stated that, so far, the country has the capacity to respond to emergency requirements with its own logistics and resources.

5. In general, major roads are still in good condition (secondary and tertiary roads in rural areas are the most affected). The provisional bridge at Tipitapa is undamaged, and construction of the new permanent bridge is being speeded up.

6. National efforts focus on repair of roads and distribution of food in affected provinces.

7. Red alert remains in force for the Pacific area.

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