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Central America Appeal No. 01.19/2002 Annual Report

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This Annual Report is intended for reporting on the Federation's Annual Appeals only.
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Appeal No. 01.19/2002;
Appeal Target: CHF 3,890,674 revised to CHF 2,896,416;
Appeal coverage: 104.1%

Overall analysis of the programme

National Societies were called on to respond to many small and medium scale disaster events during 2002, and during the hurricane season Central America was affected by hurricanes Isidore and Kenna. Some disasters such as drought which began to take its toll in 2001 and earlier, continued throughout 2002. A number of disaster response operations following flooding in mid year and in the wake of hurricanes at the end of the year, were successfully implemented in coordination with the Pan American Disaster Response Unit (PADRU). Disaster preparedness initiatives were on-going as regional and national intervention teams were strengthened, and further alliances were built. Work continued on the community based disaster preparedness (CBDP) model, with a view to harmonizing approaches and building on best practices. In the area of health, a pilot project in HIV/AIDS related stigma was launched in Honduras in June and at the end of the year, over 441 people had taken part in awareness-raising sessions in 12 branches involved in the project. As a result of the pilot project, the Honduran Red Cross has become known as one of the main institutions working actively in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and anti-discrimination and reduction of stigma. In October 2002, the production of an educational video which deals with the theme of discrimination and stigma in relation to HIV/AIDS was begun; this will be used in various fora to raise awareness and promote behaviour change.

In the field of organizational development, a major change process was undertaken in June within the Nicaraguan Red Cross, involving the entire spectrum of National Society personnel and volunteers. The National Society is progressing towards revision of the Statutes and in December, the national board approved the new strategic plan 2003-2007. Although there have been significant achievements by the Guatemalan Red Cross in 2002, including revised Statutes and an approved National Development Plan, given an ongoing leadership crisis, there has been a focus on initiatives to resolve and diffuse the crisis through facilitation provided by the regional organizational development delegate and involving a senior member of Secretariat staff.

The period leading up to the relocation of the delegation to Panama in the last quarter of the year proved difficult, as local staff members were made redundant, affecting morale and human resource capacity. Much of the time of the head of the regional delegation was devoted to resolving issues relating to the move to Panama which took place in early December 2002. The structure of Federation support for Central America in 2003 will be through a regional delegation in Panama covering both Central America and the Caribbean, a country delegation in Guatemala, Federation presence in Honduras until June 2003 and in Nicaragua until December 2003.

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