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Tropical cyclone Dani spares New Caledonian island of Mare

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Tropical Cyclone Dani has spared the New Caledonian island of Mare, after hitting the Loyalty Islands and Vanuatu earlier in the day.

The cyclone is now moving south east towards the open sea at 20 kilometres per hour

Danielle Guille reports:

Early this afternoon Tropical Cyclone Dani which has been steering a zig zig course since last week has executed another turn this time sparing the island of Mare in New Caledonia. After the Cyclone crossed the sea on a straight line from Vanuatu to New Caledonia during the night, the island of Mare was in maximum alert since five o'clock this morning as Cyclone Dani was expected to pass over it by midday. Strong winds and heavy rains were reported and the local police confirmed fallen trees and houses losing their roofs. Danielle Guille in Port Vila Vanuatu for Radio Australia

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