World Vision International Nepal – Nepal COVER Project Sitrep#9 (June 24, 2020)

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  • The districts with COVID-19 positive cases has increased to 76, out of 77 with 23 deaths. According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), age group of 90 percent COVID-19 positive cases ranged from 11 to 50; 91 percent cases are men. (Source: Ministry of health and Population).

  • The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) has issued ‘Safety Guidelines for Lockdown Management’, restricting people from moving out of their homes between 10:00 pm to 5:00 am, unless urgent; and allowing maximum 15 people attending weddings, death rituals, etc. with sufficient (two meters) social distancing maintained (Source: MOHA,
    Safety Guidelines for Lockdown Management).

  • MoHP has also released the third revised version of the guidelines for management of dead body of people who died from COVID-19 this week. (Source: WHO, Situation Updates #9, 17 June, 2020).

  • An estimated 800,000 migrant workers are returning home from places such as the Middle East and India. According to the World Bank, Nepalese Migrant workers sent home USD 8.64 Million in 2019, almost a third of Nepal’s GDP. Public health officials warn that the return of Nepalese migrants, if mismanaged, could lead to an exponential spread of the coronavirus in the country and loss of jobs could threaten the already unstable economy (Source: Press Brief, June 18,2020, Mercy Corps).

  • The pandemic has disrupted supply chains, threatening small and informal businesses. Three in five employees have lost their jobs and tourism receipts are projected to fall by 60 percent this year resulting into the loss of USD 400 million (Source: UN Daily Press Briefing by the Spokesperson for the Secretary-General, 19th June, 2020-Nepal).

  • Ministry of Health and Population has issued Interim guideline for the operation of Nutrition Rehabilitation in the context of COVID-19 (Source: MOHP, Situation Report #134).

  • Confirmed COVID-19 cases show an increasing trend in South East Asia Region with India and Bangladesh reported the highest number of cases. (Source: WHO, Situation Updates #9, 17 June, 2020)