World Vision International Nepal – Nepal COVER Project Sitrep #13 (July 31, 2020)

Situation Report
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Humanitarian Situation Overview

  • As of 29 July 2020, 141 people have lost their lives, mostly due to landslide in hilly districts, with at least another 57 missing (IFRC).
  • According to the NRCS situation report as of 30 July 2020, 15,307 families (76,735 people) have been affected in various districts and 7,106 families (35,530 people) have been displaced.  All 77 districts and 7 provinces are affected by COVID-19 but no cases have been reported fot the last two weeks from 4 districts (Bhojpur, Rasuwa, Shankhuwasabha, Mustang, Manang and Kavre). (Source: MoHP Sitrep #173)
  • Out of 7 provinces, five provinces including province 1, 2, 5, Karnali and Sudurpaschhim are having transmission as clusters of cases and two provinces i.e. Bagmati and Gandaki, are classified as having sporadic case transmission (WHO Sitrep #15).
  • While concerns have been raised about the condition of transmission in the province of Bagmati, including the environmental isolation of COVID-19, the incident case data clearly indicates that the present caseload is relatively high in Karnali and Sudurpaschim provinces. (Source: WHO Nepal Situation Update #13)
  • According to study report of the Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) shows least 436 cases of human rights violation reported reported within the first three months of lockdown; 124 cases of abuse, 37 attempts of abuse and 274 cases of domestic violence, among others. (Source: Relief Web Nepal)
  • Ministry of Health & Population (MoHP) has issued Interim guidelines for the provision of essential health and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities in the context of COVID-19. (Source: WHO Situation update #12)
  • Interim guidance for Health care Waste Management in the context of COVID-19 Emergency, 2020 has been issued by the MoHP in order to ensure uniformity in waste management and to facilitate the management of COVID-19. (Source: MoHP)
  • Office of the Prime Minister and Council of ministers has endorsed Health standards for isolation of COVID -19 cases 2077 and Directives for amendment to the existing directives on reimbursement to hospitals treating COVID-19 cases 2077 with technical assistance from WHO. (Source: MoHP).
  • Local public transportation has been resumed by government within the districts (MoHA).