WFP Nepal mVAM Market Update # 2 (June 2022)



Compared to last year, prices of essential commodities showed an upward trend, increasing pressure on vulnerable households. Prices of edible oil, wheat flour and pulses increased sharply. The inflation rate rose to 8.56% in June 2022, year-on-year.

Insufficient availability of commodities was reported mainly in urban markets and large consumer markets; in Bagmati province– 43 percent reported not having enough food stock to meet the demand and 71 percent reported inadequate nonfood stocks. Demand for food and non-food commodities is on a decline.

Certain commodities, including edible oils were reported as scarce by 91 percent of traders, followed by rice (64%) and pulses (46%). In Karnali and Province 1, all traders reported scarcity of rice and edible oil stocks.

Supply and transportation of goods remained stable at a medium level; however, increases in the cost of transportation was reported by majority of traders (86%)

Demand for labour was reported as medium by most traders (78 %), while 17 percent reported low demand, mainly in Province 1 and Madhesh.