Urban Resilience in Pokhara Part 1

from Government of Nepal, UN Country Team in Nepal
Published on 14 Nov 2013

Nepal is defined by its diversity and natural beauty, highlighted by the majestic young mountain range of the Himalayas. But this beauty comes at a steep price. Nepal is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world to natural disasters, suffering from floods, landslides and fire throughout the year while living in constant fear of an impending large earthquake.

In order to limit the impact of disaster, the Government of Nepal launched the Nepal Risk Reduction Consortium (NRRC); a coordination mechanism that brings together diverse partners with the aim of strengthening resilience to disaster. Under the NRRC, 5 Flagship priorities have been set with each flagship coordinated by a government ministry and international agency. These flagships are:

1) School and Hospital Safety
2) Emergency Preparedness and Response
3) Flood Management in the Kosi River Basin
4) Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction
5) Policy and Institutional Support for Disaster Risk Management