United Nations Development Assistance Framework for Nepal 2013-2017, Annual Report 2017

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The United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) is the primary strategic planning and oversight tool for the UN Country Team (UNCT) in Nepal. This annual report shows the collective achievements of the UN Country Team, together with the Government of Nepal in 2017, on the ten jointly established UNDAF outcomes.

UNDAF outcomes and the governance arrangement

The UNDAF (2013-2017) has three major components for enhancing development cooperation, which is then again broken into ten outcomes:

1) Advancing equality through equity. Outcomes One to Six contribute to this component.

2) Protecting development gains. Outcomes Seven to Nine contribute to this component.

3) Creating an enhanced environment for international cooperation. Outcome Ten contributes to this component.

Structure of the report

This report has two sections. Section one is the narrative section, which details key development trends followed by the 2017 joint achievements of the UN and the Government of Nepal against the ten Outcomes. The narrative provides an overview of cumulative Outcome level results, and details the results achieved through a series of interrelated Outputs.

Section Two provides the Status of UNDAF result Indicators. This matrix shows the progress against Outcome and Output indicators following a ‘traffic-light’ reporting system adopted by the agencies and shows whether under each indicator targets have been met, or are on track, or constrained. It aims to offer a simple, at-a-glance summary of achievements and bottlenecks to progress against each indicator. In instances where the data to assess the status of the indicator was unavailable, the indicator is coded as ‘constrained’. The system encourages agencies to analyse how they can address bottlenecks, the sustainability of achievements made, and the extent to which budget expenditure is on track with commitments made. The results listed are the highlights of key development achievements in the implementation of the UNDAF.