UNDP Nepal Annual Report 2018

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The 2017 elections have opened a new period of stability in Nepal, allowing the country to focus on its development aims. Over this past year, concrete steps were taken towards federalization. As Nepal finds its footing with federalization, it is leading the world in its implementation of Sustainable Development Goals programming. As one of the first nations to submit its SDG baselines to the international community, Nepal leads the pack with innovative SDG thinking.

In 2018, with UNDP’s assistance, the SDG Localization Platform was established bringing together the government and all stakeholders in a unified Agenda 2030 mission. This year, UNDP wrapped up its flagship poverty reduction programme MEDEP creating 140,000 microentrepreneurs. Due to the positive results of Micro Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP), the Government has launched its own version fully integrating this successful programme into its strategy. Pushing Nepal towards a resilient nation also requires taking action to reduce disaster risks. Similarly, with help from UNDP, Nepal developed its national policy and strategic plan for disaster risk reduction, which lays the groundwork for the future development of DRR instruments and mechanisms. Furthermore, in 2018, UNDP helped the Government to expedite the earthquake reconstruction, ensuring all new buildings meet building codes to better withstand future shocks.

With the launch of new Country Programme Document (2018-2022) cycle this year, many results were achieved in partnership with Government, civil society and other development partners and are presented in this year's Annual Report.