Special MDA Humanitarian Mission to Depart for Nepal to Assist the Victims

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The special mission will depart tomorrow in the early morning hours from Tel Aviv direct to Kathmandu to establish a Forward Response & treatment Post to assist Israelis in the stricken area and the local emergency forces

Following the earthquake, the snow avalanche and the secondary earthquakes in Nepal and the surrounding area, over 1,000 victims are reported to have lost their lives. During the noon hours the MDA Director General, Eli Bin, conducted an evaluation of the situation with the relevant authorities in MDA following which it was decided to launch an MDA humanitarian mission consisting of paramedics and doctors to Nepal. Additionally it was decided to initiate the protocols for humanitarians missions as part of the Red Cross disaster response, which includes preparations of special medical supplies and prolonged activity in disaster stricken zones along with full coordination with relevant authorities such as a the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IDF and the Red Cross movement. This is in order to seamlessly join the international response to the situation with highly trained and qualified personnel who will assist in the humanitarian crisis and treatment of victims.

The MDA relief mission will consist of doctors, paramedics and members of the Operations Division of MDA. The mission will depart in the morning hours (TBD) in a special plane chartered especially for the mission directly to Kathmandu. The plane will be outfitted with medical supplies medicine, baby formula, in order to reach the babies currently held up in the local Chabad center and also to establish a forward emergency response and treatment post for initial treatment in Nepal. Moreover, MDA is also continually preparing to send out an enlarged relief mission with further medical supplies and heavy equipment to further assist the victims.

MDA continues to be in touch with the relevant local authorities of the disaster stricken zone, with the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the IDF, relevant government officials and the International Red Cross to continuously receive up to date information reports from the scenes and to further prepare the ground for the arrival of the MDA humanitarian mission.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin: "Our mission is to arrive quickly to the Chabad center in Kathmandu and to provide medical attention to the Israeli victims who may require it in the area. We are prepared and ready to contribute from our knowledge and experience in order to treat and assist the victims of this tragedy in Nepal. MDA personnel who will depart for the mission are trained and highly experienced in dealing with extreme situations such as these and I am sure that the cooperation between all those involved along with the local Red Cross representatives will be able to greatly assist in the mission of saving lives under the difficult conditions currently in the area."