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Situation Report -3: Nepal Earthquake

Situation Report
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Time: 3:00:00 HRS IST, 26/05/2014

A. Situation Report

The magnitude of Nepal Earthquake was updated to 7.9 by IMD on 25th April. Further IMD has forecasted fairly widespread rain/ thundershower activity is likely over Nepal during next 24 hours. The activity is most likely to become widespread on 27 and 28 April with possibility of isolated heavy thunderstorm activity, particularly over eastern part of Nepal.

Weather over Kathmandu is most likely to remain generally cloudy with few spells of rain/thunderstorm activity during next 24 hours. One or two intense spell is also likely on 27 and 28 April. Precaution may be taken against the above weather and also due to possibility of landslides at vulnerable sites.
Sub-Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim would experience fairly widespread to widespread rain/thundershower activity during next 3 days with possibility of isolated heavy thunderstorm. Scattered thunderstorm activity over Bihar and isolated over East Uttar Pradesh would also occur during next 2-3 days