Second Army Contingent & Relief Supplies Set to Take Wings to Nepal

Two more sniffer dogs, together with the remainder of the Army rescue and relief contingent plus another large consignment of medicines dressing items, generators, wire rolls, bulbs, gloves, tissues, medical equipment, drinking water bottles, dry rations etc, are set to take wings to Nepal aboard the second Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) aircraft within next few hours, most probably by Monday (27) morning.

The first segment of the rescue and relief contingent of 48 Army personnel including four civil medical consultants, a team of Commandos, Engineer troops, four sniffer dogs, Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps personnel and other vocationally qualified Army members, left for Nepal early on Sunday (26) on directives of the President and the support of the Hon. Prime Minister under the supervision of Lieutenant General Crishanthe De Silva, Commander of the Army.

The remaining stocks, now awaiting airlifting with the troops, are at the Katunayake SLAF Base along with 50 more Army personnel on standby ready for departure to Nepal.