Relief materials sent to Tatopani area

A flash flood in last three days on the Bhotekosi River has swept away at least 38 houses in Tatopani, Nayabasti and Bharabishe area of Sindhupalchok district. Nepal Red Cross Society has started support actions for the flash flood victims in Sindhupalchok. Hari Subedi, Red Cross Staff from Sindhupalchok, infromed that NRCS is ready for distributing food and tarpaulin, among other items, sent through air and road routes.

Sindhupalchok branch of Nepal Red Cross Society, in support of Sindhupalchok District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC), today, dispatched food and non-food items in the affected area via helicopter in Tatopani area.

The dispatched items are: 250 kg of rice, 50 kg of lentil, 25 packets of salt and 25 pouches of cooking oil, 50 tarpaulins, 50 blankets, and 25 sets of hygiene kit, water purifying tablet-5,000 and ORH (Oral Rehydration Salt) in 2000 packet. Kamal Charan, Secretary of NRCS Sindhupalchok said, "The relief materials will be distributed shortly in support of local authorities and people."

The flood has also damaged the 30 km Tatopani-Lamosangu section of the Kodari Highway, which was blocked by the massive Jure landslide in 2014.