Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) Report - FCA Nepal COVID-19 Response – Phase I, July 2020

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Background of the intervention

COVID-19 pandemic invited a crisis in Nepal like many other countries of the world especially affecting the most vulnerable communities. The cessation of access to daily income for the vulnerable communities is one of the major issues brought by this crisis. Ensuring at least the minimum standards in food security of such communities is the key responsibility of the government. However, due to limited resources, the government is not able to reach every needy person with the relief materials. Hence, the national and international CSOs supported these communities by complementing the government.

FCA Nepal, in response to the aforementioned context, is providing support to the vulnerable communities in its target areas especially in the form of relief distribution. Until the end of June 2020, FCA’s relief support has benefited over 15,000 people in Dadeldhura, Kailali, Dhanusha, Mahottari, and Sindhuli districts. FCA has given a special focus to disabled people and pregnant and lactating women in its relief distribution program. FCA’s key intervention include food distribution, soap distribution, radio awareness programmes and IEC material distribution or placement to reach the communities.

Post-distribution Monitoring (PDM)

A Post-distribution Monitoring (PDM) survey was conducted through telephone with randomly selected households who benefited from the relief distribution. FCA partners did the telephone survey with 67 selected households. The partners used a PDM questionnaire provided by FCA for the interview recording the responses. It was ensured through proportionate sampling that the calculated sample size is representative from all the supported rural municipalities.

The survey findings are based on telephone interviews against a structured questionnaire; hence, the study is limited to the findings and lacks in-depth analysis of the responses.

Objective of the PDM

The overall purpose of the PDM was to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the support provided by FCA through its local partners. The specific objectives of the PDM were:

  • To take feedback of recipients on quality of food distributed

  • To assess their level of satisfaction against the support provided

  • To assess the effectiveness of the distribution process and learn areas of improving in similar future distributions

  • To know if proper precautionary measures based on government’s safety guideline was followed or not

  • To give opportunity to the right holders to complain and give feedback