NRA grants Permission to support in the construction of houses for vulnerable households

NRA announced approval of vulnerable support projects under four organisations; Mercy Corps, Care Nepal, People in Need, NRCS, and Practical Action. A map of coverage of approved vulnerable support projects (based on available details) has been prepared by HRRP. 

The executive committee's decision, allows only 4 main international organisations working in the field of reconstruction to help support vulnerable group. Following are the details of support according to various division of reconstruction work among INGOs as decided at the meeting:

Mercy Corp : 
Dolakha District - Tamakoshi Gaunpalika - Total no. of HHs identified: 89
Sindhuli District - Sunkoshi Gaunpalika - Total no. of HHs: 119
Makwanpur District - Bakaiyya Gaunpalika - Total no. of HHs: 40
Mercy Corp has also agreed to support Liveihood in these areas targeting vulnerability group.

Red Cross Nepal:
Rasuwa District - Total No.of HHs to be supported : 275
Ramechhap District- Total no. of HHs:1263
Red cross has also agreed to provide additional Nrs. 80,000 for Socio - technical support in the reconstruction of vulnerable households.

People in Need Nepal:
Dhading District - Jwalamukhi Gaunpalika- Total no. of HHs:165
Dhading District - Ichhyamanakama Gaunpalika - Totala no. of HHs :64

CARE Nepal
Sindhupalchowk District - Melamchi MNC - Total no. of HHs: 78
Sindhupalchowk District - Paanch Pokhari GNP- Total no. of HHs: 87
Gorkha District - Sulikot GNP- 18
Dharchey GNP -79
Siranchowk GNP - 25
Ajirkot GNP- 26
Palungtar GNP- 42
Dhading District - Ganga jamuna GNP: 79
Tripura Sundari GNP: 81

Read full report at NRA's website here