Nepali gov't warns parties not to join hands with insurgents

KATHMANDU, Jun 20, 2005 (Xinhua via COMTEX) - The Nepali government on Monday warned the agitating political parties against joining hands with the anti-government guerrillas, saying such an alliance would be " unfortunate."

At a press briefing in the capital, Communication Minister and Government Spokesman Tanka Dhakal said, "There are reports of attempts being made by the parties for an alliance with a group that is already declared a terrorist outfit. Any alliance between them and the parties will be unfortunate."

"The government is worried that the parties might get politically ambushed by the rebels," Dhakal said, warning that the guerrillas are in no way trustworthy, "if the parties join hands with the rebels, the government will be forced to see them from the same viewpoint."

The spokesman's statement came a day after the guerrillas' supreme leader Prachanda declared his party will "actively support " the call of the seven political parties for an alliance.

Dhakal also came down heavily against the seven parties' decision to boycott the municipal polls. "Elections are the part and parcel of a democratic system and a process to exercise the sovereign rights," he argued.

The election process will go on and the government is committed hold the elections on schedule and in a free and fair manner, he added.