Nepal: Second stage verification to begin from mid-June

The meeting of the Joint Monitoring and Coordination Committee (JMCC), Monday, decided to start second stage verification of Maoists' Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) combatants from around June 10.

The meeting approved the draft framework for second stage verification presented by the UNMIN with some amendments. The JMCC consists of representatives from UNMIN, Maoist Army and Nepali Army (NA).

According to NA Brigadier General Shiva Ram Pradhan, the second stage verification would take around 4 months to complete. The approved framework for verification includes procedure of investigation, questionnaire and number of combatants to be verified each day.

In the second stage verification, minors below the age of 18 years and those who joined the PLA after Maoists declared truce last year will be disqualified.