[Nepal] Radio broadcast for farmers

Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) has been implementing agriculture project since 2018 in Sindupalchowk District of Nepal with our implementing partner, Institution for Suitable Actions for Prosperity (ISAP). Sindupalchowk is one of the fourteen most affected districts of Nepal by the earthquakes in April and May 2015.

In March, PWJ and ISAP begun radio broadcast services for our project area’s farmers providing vegetable wholesale price and retail price, also we promote our activities so that more people become aware of what we do. Mr. Roshan Adhikari, our Agriculture Officer; has been effectively hosting the program. In particular, we broadcast twice a day, morning and night, and one broadcasting time is around 2 minutes 30 seconds and we provide prices of Tomato, Cauliflower, Coriander, Broad Leaf Mustard, Potato and so on.

Listen to the actual radio broadcast

For farmers who have never traded vegetables, it has been very difficult to get information on the market price of vegetables. Therefore farmers were compelled to sell the products at the price offered by the traders. This often forced to farmers selling the products at much less price. However, since farmers themselves can know the appropriate price, it is possible to carry out appropriate trading of their crops.

Farming requires a careful response each time, including the season and the weather on that day. Providing various information to more farmers through radio, this service has been helping each farmers to promote farming more effectively. And we believe that this radio broadcast will contribute not only to farmers who participates in our project, but also to the development of agriculture in the entire Sindupalchowk district.

PWJ has been implementing agriculture project from 2018, called “Small Farmers Income Improvement”, for long-term support for rehabilitation from the earthquake. Since the major income source for the earthquake affected communities is agriculture, we are assisting them to increase their income by training in vegetable farming. Mobilizing our technical support staffs, around 400 families will learn both production and marketing technics for 3 years.

We work for this project with hope for a swift recovery. PWJ will continue to support people in Sindupalchowk district!