Nepal: Prem Rawat Foundation launches 'Food for People' in Dhading

Published on 10 Apr 2009 View Original
The Prem Rawat Foundation (TPRF), which has been engaged in different humanitarian works in 23 countries, has launched the 'Food for People' programme in Tasarpu of Dhading District, 40 km far from the Kathmandu.

Launching the programme on Friday, fonder of TPRF, Shri Prem Rawat also known as Maharaji, said that different programmes have been operating in various parts of the world but as these programmes did not focus on the basic needs of the people, this 'Food for People' programme was conceived and now launched.

Stating the each country's future is connected with its children, Shri Rawat said that one should not ignore the children and stressed to provide education, health, clothes, food and shelter to them.

Speaking at the same programme, President of TPRF Linda Pascotto mentioned the pilot 'Food for People' programme in Bantoli village of Jharkhand, India, where regular meals provided by the programme has made a dramatic impact on that community, allowing children to return to their studies and adults to regain their economic viability. "We are confident that this Food for People model that respects local customs and individual dignity will prove equally benefits to help break the cycle of poverty in the community," she said.

General Secretary of the Premsagar Foundation Nepal Dornath Neupane said that addressing the food needs of underprivileged children from low and moderate income households will provide them with the opportunity to get back into school and mainstream society by uplifting their well being.

Member Secretary of the Social Welfare Council Ratna Kaji Bajracharya and representative of District Development Committee, Dhading Rajesh Ghimire also spoke on the occasion.

TPRF has donated $250,000 USD to help the "Food for People" programme, which will provide nutritious hot meals a year round for about 500 children of the different schools and 100 elderly in Tasarpu and surrounding villages.

The programme will be managed by Premsagar Foundation Nepal, a charity dedicated to alleviating poverty and improving educational and economic growth in the region. It will use the experience of the Bantoli village programme, which is in its third year of operation and now serving 100,000 meals per year.

TPRF was established in 2001 by Prem Rawat, with a dual mission of bringing his message of peace to people around the world and providing essential humanitarian aid to those in need. TPRF has 52 projects in partnership with 25 different organizations in 23 countries.

TPRF contributes humanitarian assistance focusing on the primary needs of nutritious food and clean water in partnership with other non-profit organizations in three key ways; direct programme sponsorship, disaster relief and support grants.

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