Nepal: Koshi River Floods in Sunsari and Saptari OCHA Situation Report No. 12


Key Highlights

- Sunsari District Government Officials and the humanitarian community will conduct a joint rapid return assessment from 9 - 11 November.

- 108 families seek assistance to return home to Haripur, wards 2 and 3

- Verification to start in Saptari on November 15th

- Heavy returns continue. As many as 10,000 people may have now returned to formerly flooded areas.

I. Situation in Sunsari and Saptari Districts, Eastern Nepal

1. The Government of Nepal estimates approximately 70,000 people are affected by flooding in the area. According to the preliminary results of the inter-agency Koshi River Flood Impact assessment, a total of 66,500 individuals have been displaced by the flood of which 42% are of Indian origin. Many of these Indians have crossed back to India in recent weeks.

2. Local Government and international agencies will conduct a three-day Rapid Return Assessment from 9 - 11 November of the affected areas, headed by the DADO (District Agricultural Development Office), CDO/LDO and district government line agencies, supported by OCHA, WFP and CCCM. The assessment will identify areas where people have returned and will do a rapid identification of needs.

3. Spontaneous returns continue with families requesting assistance to both the local Government and the international community to return home. Building materials such as bamboo and thatching, tool kits, seeds and tools and leveling of roads are sought. Maintaining eligibiit for future distributions and compensation packages is a universal concern of returnees. It is estimated that as many as 10,000 people have returned to formally flooded areas.

4. The CDO/LDO offices in Sunsari have indicated that the Sunsari verification is nearly complete with the verification exercise expected to start in Saptari from 15 November. CCCM/UNHCR have obtained photocopies of the original Sunsari verification lists and will commence data entry into the new database in the coming week. Oxfam is currently finalizing the CMC lists which will be used during the verification process and staff from OHCHR, IFRC and IOM will take part to ensure accuracy in data collection.

5. An agitation group calling itself the Koshi Victim Struggle Committee has formed in Sunsari District. In meetings with UN OCHA and WFP the committee agreed not to interfere with humanitarian programs. However, road blocks and demonstrations from this group should be expected and agencies should be prepared to explain their purpose and the BOGs.


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