Nepal: Koshi floods - Saptari situation brief, 10 Sep 2008

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On 18 August, the Koshi River broke through an Eastern retaining wall roughly 10 kilometers north of the Koshi barrage. Shreepurjavdi and Shreeharipur, and portions of Lohaki and Kusahapaschim VDCs in Sunsari District have been completely flooded. The East-West Highway is currently impassable and there are displaced families living along the non-flooded portion of the highway, along the embankment wall and in Neighboring VDCs in Saptari District. Temporary settlements along the Western side of the highway and the embankment are only accessible from Saptari district.

Affected Population

People from Paschim Kausha, Shreepur, Laukhani and Haripur from Sunsari District.


- Joint IRA by Oxfam, Caritas and partners.

- Rapid assessment by NRCS completed on 27 August.

- Joint household survey by Oxfam, UNICEF, UNFPA, WFP and their partners. Draft results were shared on 31 August. The assessment covers details on disaggregated population by age and sex, place of origin, PLW and special needs, and livestock.


- 3365 families (NRCS, as of 27 Aug)

- The total no. of displaced families as per DDRC record is 3260 and the total population affected is 21,140.

- A recent household level survey carried out by Oxfam, UNICEF, WFP and UNFPA puts the total number of displaced at 4,022 families (31 August) composed of 27,812 persons

- It is difficult to access the total displaced households as there is a large influx of affected people from Birpur, Lalpur and Fatehpur in India, whose actual number is unknown. The new registration to be done by NRCS and camp management volunteers is likely to give a more accurate figure.