Nepal: Floods and Landslides Emergency Appeal Operations Update n° 3 - MDRNP007


A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

Torrential rain on 14-16 August 2014 caused heavy floods and landslides in 23 districts throughout Nepal. A total of 202 people were reported dead, 149 injured and 248 still reported missing due to the disaster. Similarly, 36,949 families (184,745 people) were affected, 10,193 families (50,965 people) displaced as their houses were destroyed and 26,756 households were partially destroyed (Source: NRCS district chapter and Government of Nepal).

Out of 23 districts, Banke, Bardiya, Dang and Surkhet districts were the worst affected. A total of 96 people were dead, 115 people still missing and, 32 people injured and 9,237 people were displaced due to the disasters in these districts.

With the improvement of the situation, those families who have inhabitable land and completely destroyed houses, have returned to their original place and have constructed temporary shelters from tarpaulins provided by Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) and other organizations.
While families with partially damaged houses have returned to their homes and repaired their houses with the support from the cash provided by the government, relatives and neighbors and have established their own coping mechanism.

However, there are still 1,267 families living in temporary shelters and camps in Bardiya, Dang and Surkhet, districts.