Nepal: Floods and Landslides Emergency Appeal No. MDRNP001 Operations Update No. 09


Period covered by this Ops Update: 1 May to 30 July, 2008

Appeal target (current): CHF 2,344,464 (USD 2.34 million or EUR 1.46 million).

Appeal coverage: 101%

Appeal history:

This Emergency Appeal was initially launched on a preliminary basis on 8 August 2007 for CHF 2.32 million (USD 1.93 million or EUR 1.4 million) for six months to assist more than 20,000 families affected by landslides and extensive flooding in different parts of Nepal.

Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF): CHF 250,000 was initially allocated on 2 August 2007, from the Federation's DREF, to replenish the national society's disaster response stock.

A full emergency appeal was launched on 29 August 2007 for CHF 2.06 million (USD 1.6 million or EUR 1.2 million) to assist more than 25,000 flood and landslide affected families for one year.

The appeal was further revised on 24 April 2008 with a total income of CHF 2,344,464 (USD 2.34 million or EUR 1.46 million) to reflect the slightly changed nature of the relief and recovery operation and to adapt the operation to the actual funding situation. A two-year pilot disaster management project was included during this revision.

This operations update seeks to extend the Emergency Appeal period for an additional six months, with operations ending in 31 January 2009. A Final Report will be issued by 30 April 2009, three months after the end of operations. An extension is requested to complete the following:

- Finish the remaining activities of the operational plan and conduct a relief and recovery operation review meeting

- adjust the operational plan to the actual number of activities carried out and use the balance funds for the replenishment of an additional 3,000 non-food relief items (NFRI) and 5,000 tarpaulins distributed during the 2008 monsoon floods (excluding the Koshi River floods response) as well as operational management costs for the 2008 distributions.

- In addition to the activities planned and in line with the concept of the emergency appeal to link relief with rehabilitation and development, this Operations Update seeks donor approval to implement a pilot project focusing on recovery activities, particularly livelihood, to further develop the Nepal Red Cross Society's capacity during the recovery period. The total budget for this project is CHF 100,000, with a timeframe of two years. A total number of 143 households will benefit from this project. As the emergency appeal will be closed at the end of January 2009, this project will be transferred to the International Federation's support plan 2009/10 and included in the disaster management programme.

- to transfer any additional funds resulting from a positive exchange rate to the Federation Support Plan 2009 /10 and its capacity development component under the disaster management programme.


The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has almost completed the relief and early recovery work as planned in the appeal. The NRCS distributed seeds, along with agricultural tools, to all of the 15,040 families and supported 2,357 families with construction materials for the renovation and reconstruction of their houses. The number of beneficiaries supported with construction materials was revised down to 2,357 families from the planned 2,500 to reflect the need for the house construction and renovation, verified with the completed numbers at the district level. The initial revision calculated is also affected by the price hike of construction materials observed in some districts. Similarly, restoration of 347 water sources through renovation and/or cleaning has been completed. A detailed project proposal for the implementation of the proposed pilot project in national society recovery efforts has been developed. The project will be integrated to the annual appeal of the NRCS and will be implemented in the next two years as shared in the previous operations update.

As the proposed activities come to an end, the NRCS continues to support families affected by recurring floods and landslides that have started with the beginning of the monsoon season 2008, which will remain until the end of August. The NRCS plans to utilize the unspent funds from the present appeal to again replenish the NRCS stock including tarpaulins as well as to cover operational management support (volunteer mobilization, logistics support and administrative costs) distributed during the 2008 monsoon floods.